Paper Trading

I want to welcome you to our paper trading testing. This page is eventually going to get repurposed into documentation for this feature, but for now, it is a private page whose purpose is to give you suggestions on testing and introduce you to how the feature works.

Let me begin with stating what I’d appreciate from you:

  • Bug reports and puzzlements;
  • Feature ideas/suggestions
  • And, for either of these, as clear and detailed information as you can provide

As for the mechanics of sending me feedback, there’s nothing fancy to it – – just email – however, please consolidate your various thoughts and reports into as few emails as possible, so I’m not buried. Most folks do this, but from time to time I’ll have a chap send me a one-sentence email with every little thing, and it gets to be a bit overwhelming.

One last thing: I typically do not introduce features until they have been developed and tested very thoroughly (which is why, ahem, our app has been in the works for six months now). Paper Trading is in a very nascent stage. The back end is solid, but the front end is in very much an alpha state. Have no fear, though. The $100,000 in your account is totally fake, and no matter how much lose, no harm will befall you (at the same time, no matter how much you make, you’re not going to see a dime).

At the moment, paper trading is confined within SlopeCharts, although we’ll probably have dedicated web pages for it as well. To invoke it, click the dollar sign icon in SlopeCharts:

Once there, you will want to choose the “data feed” called Virtual Trading.

At this point, you will click the Log In button which should……….well………..log you in. Your account has hopefully been specially entitled to do so.

At this point, the other tabs are fairly self-explanatory. You start off with a fake $100,000 in trading capital, which I believe represents $200,000 in buying power for equities (cash only for options). You can see your present account overview under the Account tab:

You can see your positions (which don’t exist yet, of course) in Positions:

The closed positions, and their respective gains or losses, are in Closed:

And, lastly, there is the Trade tab, which is where I’d like most of your focus to be. The default trade type is just for equities, so it is quite simple:

But you can also enter complex options trades:

And that’s really all I’m going to tell you!

The reason I made a point of asking for options folks is because, frankly, I am less experienced with that style of trading than most of you good people, and I’d like you to really go hog wild with your trades and see what you can break or what doesn’t look right. Make sure open positions, closed positions, etc. looks legitimate and accurate!

This should be fun for you, because you can put in any crazy trades that you would not dare do with real cash and see how it goes!

I look forward to your feedback, and thank you for your participation. To be clear, don’t tinker with it a little and abandon it. I’d like you to use it day after day (when the market is open) while we continue to improve it and work the kinks out. Thanks again.